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SmileQuest Laser Teeth Whitening System available to you.

Ellipse Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technologies for Hair Removal and Age Defence.

Universal Contour Wrap
Guaranteed to help you loose up to 6 inches from your waist.
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AGE smartDermalogica's new AGE smart system specifically targets and controls the main biological triggers that lead to skin aging.

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Services - Contour Body Wrap

Universal Contour Body Wrap

The award winning Universal Contour Wrap™ is a superb natural therapy, devoloped in America by Dr. Richard Strem, based on extensive research into the beneficial minerals used in traditional spa remedies from many parts of the world.

The latest survey of users reported an average loss of 10-14 inches from the 1st treatment! How will it make you feel? Find out by contacting us today or call our office now at 057 9352053.


Frequently Asked Questions about the Universal Contour Body Wrap

So, how many inches can I expect to lose?
Obviously the number of inches lost varies from person to person - and it's not always dependent on how many inches you have to lose. You don't have to be over-weight to notice a difference and feel generally better. A reported loss of a massive 38 inches on a first wrap was the most successful, but you are guaranteed a loss of at least six inches. Clients taking a course of three wraps can expect an accumulative inch loss. It is advised that treatments are taken 7-10 days apart. Female clients having a course of wraps usually go down a complete dress size.

Will I put the inches back on as soon as I have a drink?
No, definitely not. That was the story with the old type of body wrap products, which depended on inducing rapid water-loss or on the use of vigorous exercise. Clients who are treated with the Universal Contour Wrap™ are actively encouraged to drink water, both after treatment and in the weeks following. In fact, cutting down on substances which create toxins and drinking plenty of water can often increase inch-loss in the days following treatment.

So I won't actually lose weight having a Contour Wrap?
As it is toxins rather than fat that are being removed, any actual weight loss will be minimal. The Universal Contour Wrap™ is an inch loss rather than a weight loss treatment - you will see the change in your post-wrap shape and feel it in your clothes.

How long do the results last?
We guarantee that the results will last for at least 30 days, although they can last for up to a year depending on lifestyle and diet. A reduction in coffee, tea, alcohol and processed foods, drinking plenty of water and taking regular exercise all help in keeping down the level of toxins in the body.

Does the Universal Contour Wrap improve the appearance of cellulite?
Yes it does - the appearance of cellulite is improved by the removal of toxins from between the fat cells and the stimulation of the lymphatic system brought about by the Contour Wrap and by the skin tightening effect which reduces visible dimpling. It is worth noting that The Universal Contour Body Wrap has won one of the top ten beauty treatments world wide by Harpers and Queen.

Can I have a Universal Contour Wrap if I have recently had a baby?
Yes, you can, provided you wait at least six weeks after a normal delivery and take your doctor's advice after a Caesarean. This treatment is excellent for firming up the abdominal and bust areas and softening stretch marks. If you are breast-feeding, you may prefer to have a partial Contour Wrap finishing under the bust-line or express your milk beforehand as the warm bandages will encourage the milk-flow. It is not safe to have a Contour Wrap while you are still pregnant.

I suffer badly from eczema. Will the Contour Wrap irritate my skin?
Far from irritating your skin, many sufferers of skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis actually notice the beneficial effects. And it has even helped ease the pain suffered by those with arthritis or rheumatism. A purely natural product, the sea clay used contains minerals from the Dead Sea which has been known for its therapeutic qualities for centuries.

Is there anybody who should definitely not have a Universal Contour Wrap?
The Universal Contour Wrap is suitable for almost everybody, but we will ask you to fill in a detailed health questionnaire before you have the treatment just to be completely sure that it is suitable for you.


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